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gain freedom. build strength. develop flexibility.

run away to join the circus and be home in time for dinner...

circus arts

exercise through the art/science of play -
increase calm & concentration

fearlessness is not only possible, it is the ultimate joy. when you touch non-fear, you are free. but nobody can give you fearlessness. you have to practice and realize it for yourself.”

-thich nhat hahn


omfly is a teaching & performance troupe and part of the nouveau cirque (new circus) movement which strips the genre of the old codes, emphasizing instead human talents and storytelling.


circus as an art of community, a kind of re-wilding medicine for domesticated times. when we are in our bodies, we are connected to each other. connection is everything.


under the big top, there is a place for everyone. anyone can learn here. circus teaches us that the more we concentrate, the more fun we have. and when every individual shines, we experience true community.

our school

omfly circus school offers circus and aerial arts classes in old saybrook, ct, for children and adults ages 7 to 99. circus arts include aerial silks, trapeze, aerial hoop, duo lyra, partner acrobatics, object manipulation (juggling, hooping, diabolo, devil sticks, poi), stilt walking, yoga, flying yoga and more!

we have classes designed for all ages and levels; great for a child or beginners, also excellent for the more seasoned aerialist who has a desire to refine their quality of play, improvisation, movement and fluidity.

summer eco-circus

each year, our community circus dazzles the audience with goodness and hope. in a noisy world, circus offers an inter-generational program of holistic education where students come to quiet our minds, inhabit our bodies, and discover our native creativity while learning the joys of community.


celebrating those who take flight

circus & theater

inspiring people through performance


"Dreams are personal myths. Myths are a collective dream." - Joseph Campbell

And then circus is a collective daydream. And in its best moments, a kind of collective lucid dream.

Come dream with us.
Circus is an art of community.
Everyone shines.

The circus is an ancient form over 5,000 years old, at least as old as yoga. Anyone can learn here. Under the big top, there is a place for everyone. The more we concentrate, the more fun we have. And when every individual shines, we experience true community.

We are who we have been waiting for.

Circus is an Art of Community, a kind of Re-Wilding Medicine for Domesticated Times.

We are part of something ancient and new. A 5,000 year old Egyptian hieroglyph depicts circus arts.

We are also a part of the New Circus movement, a genre that strips circus of the old codes (animals, etc.), emphasizing human talents and storytelling. The codifications of so-called traditional circus are just an episode in the big picture. Like all art, circus changes.

Circus is deeply rooted in anarchism, archetype and the activation of soul-desires.

“At the very thought of ‘circus’ a swarm of long-imprisoned desires breaks jail. Armed with beauty and demanding justice and everywhere threatening us with curiosity and spring and childhood, this mob of forgotten wishes begins to storm the supposedly impregnable fortifications of our present.”
-e.e. cummings