- Stretchy gymnast video



Jen, you and your rockstar team pulled off such a tremendous feat with
30 kids
of different ages
and varying abilities
and only one week to practice
and making camp fun instead of work
and giving everyone tons of stage time
and choreographing simultaneous diversity
while still showcasing individual talents
in an ensemble show
and making it beautiful
with great music
and being flexible with the schedule
and graceful under pressure and through chaos
and keeping kids from hurting themselves
and being open to kids’ ideas
and creating such a warm and welcoming vibe at the Sanctuary
These kids will treasure memories of circus camp even when they are long grown.
Thank you, all of you, for everything.
Namaste and love,
Ripley & Amira & their grateful families (Zoë, Belabbès, Shane, Karen, Mika, David, Jaye & Yamina)

Thank you, for sharing the circus with us! Truly amazing, uplifting, entertaining, empowering, great, great, fun! The children were so empowered being a part of it. Even my most shy one, loved to perform, and cannot wait to be in the circus again! You work magic, Jen!” – Jennifer Shafer Wood


Once again, you touched my heart. So much you give to the children. JOY blanketed the sanctuary.  Parents and grandparents cried. It was very, very moving.   You, my friend, are an amazing, spirited, soulful sorcerer of the sea.” -Ilene Mitnick

Such beauty in witnessing all of the love last night… watching the children following your siren’s song that served up an invitation for them to find their voice and share their sense of play with us all. I was deeply moved.”   -Allison Baldwin



Thank you again and again. Alexa learned more of what I’ve been striving for her to learn in two weeks, than in the last year.” -Larry Johnson


You’re magical in every sense of the word, Jen Taylor. Much love to you, the amazing children and all of your helpers for a spectacular event!  It was so beautiful to watch and I’m grateful for the experience. Love.”  – Chris Grosso

Jen, I just wanted to thank you on behalf of the band for inviting us to play at Cirque de Sea! We had a BLAST! And the show was great! Sorry that I left before we could thank you in person…after the show you looked busy with the kids and I had get up early to leave for a trip so I had to get going. Again, thank you so much for the opportunity! :)”   – Grace Carver


Words can’t do it, but someday I’ll find a way to show the enormous gratitude for you that fills me. Can’t wait for Week 2! Let’s put on a SHOW!”   – Maia Rose