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Cirque de Bonobo

OmFly Circus Troupe

This year’s circus show is dedicated to Bonobos. Circus is a practice of being in awe at how remarkable our bodies are and we share that with our great ape cousins.
Join us April 1st for a wonderful evening of music, movement & play to celebrate and raise money for them.

Cirque de Bonobo

Cirque de Bonobo is an homage to the 15,000 left of our highly evolved genetic cousins.  A tribute to those who play in the cover of the trees.

We share 98.7% of our DNA with Bonobos and they are a beautiful creature. Peaceful in nature, their social structure is egalitarian in contrast to the hierarchy & violence of our Chimpanzee cousins. Bonobos do yoga. They can speak sign language.

Bonobos live in an isolated pocket of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  There are an estimated 15,000 left in the wild.  They need our help.

Raising Awareness

Though they are our closest living relatives (along with chimpanzees), not many people know about these intelligent, loving, playful great apes.


Maybe you don’t live in the DRC. This work still has a direct impact on your life. Protecting bonobos means preserving the world’s second largest rainforest, and preserving rainforest means mitigating climate change—that’s a win for all life on the planet!



Join US!

April 1st
Saturday / 6 pm
Chester Meetinghouse


For more info & to purchase tickets, click here:

The Sanctuary’s Eighth Annual Karmic Relief


This year’s friend-raiser features Grammy-nominated Senegalese musician Youssoupha Sidibe, OmFly’s Cirque de BonoboThe Grays jazz ensemble, fantastic food by KaleYums, a silent auction and a great community of people.


Proceeds to support The Sanctuary 501(c)(3) non-profit community organization,  and the Bonobo Conservation Initiative.


Please also join our 15,000 humans for 15,000 Bonobos campaign:

15 K Bonobos

15 K Supporters



To listen to Youssoupha, click here.