Our aerial circus arts classes teach skills in trapeze, silks, lyra, partner acrobatics, juggling, flying yoga, handstand practice, breath work & meditation.

monday (kids’ aerials & circus yoga): 5 – 6 pm

session i:  begins january 8

session ii:  begins february 26



tuesday (adult / trapeze, silks & acro yoga): 7 – 8 pm

session i:  begins december 6

session ii:  begins february 13


wednesday (kids’ aerials & circus yoga): 5 – 6 pm

session i:  begins january 10  (East Haddam)

session ii:  begins february 28




open studio saturday (all levels): 11 – 1:00 pm

session:  ongoing  (must r.s.v.p. / Old Saybrook)


$150 / six week session (kids’)

$150 / six week session (adult)


drop in – only by special arrangement (please email:

limited spaces available – register early

6-week session $150

children’s circus classes

This class includes instruction in a variety of circus disciplines including but not limited to: aerials (trapeze, lyra, silks), tumbling, juggling, and more! Class begins with a fun warm up, and circus games, followed by instruction in juggling and prop manipulation with the majority of class time dedicated to acrobatics and aerial work.

exercise through the art/science of play


Classes at OmFly focus on the six directions of the spine, inversions, breath and meditation through circus arts:  trapeze, aerial silks, lyra, juggling, hooping, partner acrobatics & flying yoga.

Exercise happens naturally in play.  Learn to fly in a PLAY-ful approach to the magic of aerials on the trapeze and silks.   Build core strength.  Decompress your spine.  Have fun.

Get upside down in a handstand, find new partnerships with flying yoga & partner acrobatics.  Exercise/balance your brain – learn how to juggle.  The more we concentrate, the more fun we have.

Whether you’re an aerialist, an acro-yogi, dancer, or just a movement enthusiast, aerial training provides a different way of strengthening and stretching. The exercises target core strength focusing on precise body awareness, foundational skill progressions, strength building techniques, and injury prevention.

Aerials meet you where you are and are a fun form for beginners. Seasoned aerialists who have a desire to refine their quality of play, improvisation, movement and fluidity can find that here.

It’s simple; good form equals efficiency of movement, the illusion of effortlessness, endurance and aerial longevity.  We approach the fundamentals of aerials with an attention to form through the vehicle of fun.

class example (75 minutes):

10 minutes – yoga warm-up / conditioning / handstands
50 minutes – trapeze, silks & lyra
10 minutes – partner acrobatics, acro & flying yoga
5 minutes – yoga cool-down and pranayama (breathwork)