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aerial circus

trapeze, silks & aerial yoga – learn to fly in a PLAY-ful approach to the magic of aerials on the trapeze and silks.  build core strength. decompress your spine. get upside down. have fun.

this class focuses on the six directions of the spine in a yoga warm-up, inversions, breath, conditioning, deep core work and circus play through aerials.

A Kind of Re-Wilding / Medicine for Domesticated Times

take flight!

flying yoga

flying yoga is a radically therapeutic healing modality that can release years of vertebral compression & poor posture. radically simple, flying yoga is a yoga of relationship: two people / a flyer and a base.  it is possible to effect a wide variety of yoga poses in the air on someone’s feet.  the flyer represents Air and the base represents Earth. Earth & Air meet.

releasing into a yoga pose with the compounding release of gravity offered from the support of another is a profound experience. by allowing another to completely support you, the practice of flying yoga offers a deep lesson in surrender.  i believe this is unique to the practice.  all yoga disciplines address surrender, and flying yoga is the diamond sutra.



circus yoga

fusing the discipline of yoga with the playfulness of circus, circus yoga offers a kind of re-wilding medicine for domesticated times. in a circus yoga workshop or class, we explore:  flying yoga, circus arts (juggling & object manipulation: right brain / left brain connectivity), partner acrobatics (principles of weight transferrence and connection), pyramids, breathwork & the meditation of play.  because exercise happens naturally in play.

To Play: To be in the present moment. (Oxford English Dictionary / Oldest definition of the verb to play)

hoop dance

OmFly’s yoga–infused hoop practice with a circus twist. finding flow in the love of a circle. object manipulation increases right brain / left brain connectivity. Live longer, remember more and balance your brain in this innovative class with a focus on the six directions of the spine.